Founded in 2015 By Rebekkah Dooley, Gareth Evans and Tomas Estes, The London Sessions are about returning the importance of 'people' to hospitality. We want to talk, encourage discussion and set the precedent for a different kind of education. We've brought together some of our favourite storytellers, who just so happen to be some of the greatest industry professionals in the world, to find out what shaped them; stories of decadence, debauchery, affluence, hitting rock bottom, war, royalty and 'Devil' the chain smoking monkey.

The London Sessions are held once or twice a month with a different speaker in a different venue each time. They are always free to attend and RSVPs are available on a first come first serve basis via our newsletter.

To date we have hosted 30 speakers in London and NYC. Attendance is dictated by venue size and has ranged from 25 - 300. We always book up.

We are especially thankful to the highly talented individuals who speak at our events and give their time for free. The London Sessions are made possible by the brands we work with - a different one each time, in the interests of creative freedom.

All photography by Elliot Davies.

Sean Muldoon, Jillian Vose, Erik Lorincz, Tomas Estes, Julio Bermejo, Steve Schneider, Simone Caporale, Jared Brown, Anistatia Miller, Gary Regan, Ivy Mix, Peter Dorelli, Simon Ford, Ryan Chetiyawardana, Dale DeGroff, Carlos Camerena, Max Venning, Zoe Burgess, Tim Philips, Jim Meehan, Giuseppe Gonzalez, Jack McGarry, Jeff Bell, Maxwell Britten, Alex Kratena, Vasilis Kyritsis, Davide Segat, Iain Griffths, John Deragon, Nick Strangeway, Jesse Vida, Giuseppe Gallo.